The International Medical Qigong College was founded by Dr. Bernard Shannon as a way to further his extensive work in Qigong and Chinese Energetics. It has long been a dream to offer students the opportunity to train in a natural environment that allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces. Our new facility in Bradyville, Tennessee offers this opportunity in a beautiful rural setting located just an hour southeast of Nashville.
The International Medical Qigong College is an extension and evolution of Dr. Shannon’s work teaching Medical Qigong for over 25 years.

Dr. Shannon served for almost a decade as the Executive Director and master instructor for the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ). The IIMQ was fashioned after the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, and was known internationally for its high standards in medical qigong instruction. When the focus of the IIMQ turned away from teaching, Dr. Shannon decided to continue offering this quality of instruction by founding the International College of Medical Qigong (ICMQ), previously located in Southern California. The ICMQ continued Dr. Shannon’s vision by expanding and deepening the standards of experiential, clinical, and instructor education that he established during his service for the IIMQ.

The International Medical Qigong College, located on 325 secured acres in rural Tennessee expands upon that vision. The land allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces as well as embraces an historic 3.8-mile deep saltpeter spring cave perfect for isolated meditation practices. A 3-acre spring fed pond provides for quiet reflection while gazing upon its still surface. Natural springs provide water and natural cliffs and rolling hills provide space and solitude for dissolving into the wonders of the mysteries we study and cherish.
Our primary teaching facility is a 1700-square foot newly renovated training studio which comprises of a 720-square foot training room, a student library, restrooms, and a 1700-square foot tiger wood deck for outside training or relaxing. All equipment needed for training in the Programs will be provided. Included at the training facility are massage tables, meridian models, meditation cushions, meditation mats, and balance discs. Students do not need to bring any equipment for training.

The roots of the ancient medical qigong tradition are the direct experiences of early practitioners of spiritual Daoism, shamanism, and of the internal Chinese martial arts. In accord with these roots, Dr. Shannon’s experience as a Daoist Priest, and Shifu/Sifu of Chinese martial arts enable him to deeply enrich the training of medical qigong students.
We offer opportunities to become rooted in spirit, firmly established within the Three Treasures of Heaven, Earth, and Man, and to manifest the subtle mechanics of structural alignment and qigong breath work. The promises of healing presence and ability that are expressed within the Classics of Chinese medicine are made available to all students.

Our Vision

A world in balance – one person at a time

Our Mission

To utilize our skills and experience to:

  • Provide the highest quality Medical Qigong instruction.
  • Empower clients to take charge of their lives by balancing the mind, body and spirit.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes growth, healing, self-awareness, and transcending perceived limitations.
  • Teach clients the tools necessary to overcome perceived limitations to health and well-being

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  • You have a relaxed and comfortable teaching style that creates and environment that allows learning to become a creative dialogue.
    Dr. Denise Douglass White, DMQ
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