Schedule Changes due to COVID-19

We have temporarily suspended all on site teaching due to the COVID-19 virus.  We are planning to resume teaching by the end of May.  All seminars have been rescheduled and pushed forward to allow students already enrolled in their programs to receive their training. Please take note of the new dates that are posted on the Calendar.

We have also scheduled a new P1 Seminar.  This seminar will occur in June and will immediately precede the P2 seminar, giving students a chance to receive 10 days of intensive training with no extra travel cost.  

This extra seminar means there is still time for new students to enter the MQP program for 2020, or simply come to learn the time honored health promoting benifits of qigong.

The ICMQ is pleased to be able to offer our graduates the ability to list their services on our Clinical Directory. We offer this service free of charge.  In order to be listed on our site, you must be certified as a MQT or higher.  You should have received your certification and the majority of your medical qigong training from Dr. Bernard Shannon.

Members of the public often call us and ask us for help in finding a practitioner.  We encourage these people to evaluate practitioners carefully and to research the specific training of each practitioner/therapist. For this reason, we ask that your website clearly list your certification, where you received your medical qigong training, and who was your lead instructor. We strongly recommend that your site display your training with Dr. Shannon, and include a link back to the ICMQ website (

If your website does not have this information on it, your listing will probably not be approved.  As this is a directory for clients to find medical qigong practitioners, if your website does not clearly show that you do medical qigong treatments, your listing also will probably not be approved.

If you meet the above criteria, and want to be listed on the directory, please send the following to our Administrative Assistant:

  • Name, Certification, other credentials  (RN, LAc, etc)
  • Practice or Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • A short bio (50-60 words)
  • A photograph 140X170 pixels (width x height)

Please note that we will not be posting email addresses on the directory, as that greatly increases your risk of receiving spam. The directory will be searchable by state, so if you have practices in multiple states, please include addresses and phone number for each state.

If a large part of your practice includes remote treatments, (or other specialties) please indicate that as well, as there will be a separate search feature for clinicians who specialize in remotes.

Send your listing info to us