Early Application Discount!

All our Programs start with the Medical Qigong Practitioner Program (MQP).

Apply early for the Medical Qigong Practitioner Program and receive a special Early Application Discount.
Apply before October 31 and:

  • Save $575 on P1. (Pay $1200 instead of $1775.)
  • All subsequent MQP seminars taken the same year will be discounted $275. (Pay $1500 instead of $1775 per seminar.)

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Upcoming events

For all MQP, MQT, MQM and DMQ seminars, you must also FORMALLY APPLY for ADMISSION to the associated program prior to registering for the first seminar of that program.  You can find the Application Forms under the link Application Process.

All classes are now being held in the new Tennessee facility.

Event Event Date Event End Date Individual Price Register
T3 Medical Qigong: Working within Specialty Areas 06-05-2023 9:00 am 06-09-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00
P3 Foundations of Medical Qigong 06-12-2023 9:00 am 06-16-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00
T4 Introduction to Medical Qigong and Oncological Disorders 08-07-2023 9:00 am 08-11-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00
P4 Working with Organ Disharmonies and Individualized Medical Qigong Exercises 08-14-2023 9:00 am 08-18-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00
T5 Internship and Final Examination 10-06-2023 9:00 am 10-10-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00
P5 Internship and Final Examination 10-13-2023 9:00 am 10-17-2023 5:00 pm $1,775.00

On site Daoist Training events are now posted on the Temple of Peace and Virtue website.