Daoist Training

For all MQP, MQT, MQM and DMQ seminars, you must also FORMALLY APPLY for ADMISSION to the associated program prior to registering for the first seminar of that program.  You can find the Application Forms under the link Application Process.

All classes are now being held in the new Tennessee facility.


Journey into Stillness and Clarity: 4 Day Daoist Retreat

12-14-2023 9:00 am - 12-17-2023 5:00 pm
In person $800; via Zoom $600
Journey into Stillness and Clarity: 4 Day Daoist Retreat

4-Day Daoist Retreat
Thursday - Sunday, December 14 - 17, 2023
This training will be held both in-person at the Temple in Tennessee and online via Zoom.

The Dao cannot be taught. It can only be experienced. 

In order to experience the Dao we must quiet our mind. While there are many ways to find the stillness of mind, the Qingjing Jing is a profound aid to our coming into this stillness. In order to experience true quiet and peace we must restore harmony to the yin and yang in our body by relinquishing desire and eliminating overthinking. This is what the Qingjing Jing imparts.

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Monthly Daoist Training for Daoshi

12-28-2023 4:00 pm -6:00 pm
Monthly Daoist Training for Daoshi
Monthly Zoom Meetings for our Daoshi

To give our initiates a chance to come together as a community, we are offering monthly trainings online.

Join us for these gatherings as we have:
  • Scripture study (经学 )
  • Dao talk (论道 )
  • Inner cultivation (内修)

For Daoshi only

Daoshi: 4th Thursday monthly
4:00 - 6:00pm CST
$50 via Zoom
Daoshi trainings are only for ordained Daoist Priests of the Temple of Peace and Virtue.

Qing Cheng Shan Alchemy Training

02-07-2024 6:00 pm
$350/month or one time payment of $2600
Qing Cheng Shan Alchemy Training

Learn a very powerful Daoist alchemical meditation practice.

This is a unique opportunity to partake in an in-depth 8 month study of an alchemical meditation practice while receiving one on one support of a teacher and mentor for your spiritual path over the course of several months. 

In total, the practice builds the Lower Dantian, balances “Fire and Water”, places the “Emperor or Empress” upon their rightful throne, nourishes the 5 Yin organs, opens the Belt Vessel and Microcosmic Orbit, stimulates the Upper Dantian, and releases turbid energy from the body.

Important Information about Online Classes

On site Daoist Training events are now posted on the Temple of Peace and Virtue website.