The breath of the Dao speaks,

and those who are in harmony

hear it quite clearly.

 - Laozi

This is an online class that is part of our online "Introduction to Daoist Alchemy" series.

“Just take a deep breath and relax…” This common expression refers to a very simple action yet embraces great wisdom and efficacy. Simple, but often unconscious and overlooked, breathing can be highly potent and beneficial for physical and mental health. How we breathe is essential to the quality of our life.


From the moment we are born and take our first inhale, our breathing process evolves. The diaphragm expands and contracts, filling the lungs before pushing that air through the larynx to create the sound of a baby’s first cry.

Breath is what unites all things. All within the universe is in flux, whether it is in a place of reception - inhalation or release - exhalation. The more we synchronize ourselves with the natural breath of the Dao the greater the harmony.

Without food, we can live for months. Without water, we can live for weeks. Without air, we can live but for minutes. Breath is the essence of qi. Without it there is no life.

In this seminar, we will delve into the level of Man through the Alchemy of Respiration. Respiration is the second regulation of Qigong, and thus it is vital in the development of Daoist alchemy.

Proper Respiratory training results in control over the body's physical, energetic, and spiritual matrices, enabling the individual to send Qi and Shen to any organ or part of the body at will, thereby strengthening and invigorating that specific tissue area.

Correct breathing techniques allows not only for the tonifying, purging, and balancing of yin and yang within the body, but the transcendence thereof. Through the proper implementation of breath, it is possible to dissolve into the infinite space of Wuji.

In this seminar we will cover:

  • Essentials of respiratory training
  • Link between the body, breath, and the emotions.
  • Four stages of respiratory development
  • Tonification, purgation, and regulatory breath methods
  • Eight Daoist Breathing Techniques
  • Using breath to increase flow between Heaven and Earth


A person’s time does not return again,
the present does not once pause.
Thus in a person’s life, each breath is an attainment.
The previous breath is not the present breath.
Thus receive and cultivate it and renew your life.
(Guo Xiang’s commentary on Zhuangzi Chapter 3)

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