Apply to the MQT or MQM Program

The is the enrollment process for students who trained with Dr. Bernard Shannon within the last 5 years and want to continue their training by advancing to the next program level.

If your training was not with Dr. Shannon, or was not within the last 5 years, you may be asked to take an Entrance Exam or be evaluated prior to being admitted for further training.  Please contact our office.

Application Process

Apply Now: MQT or MQM

  • Submit your Application online by clicking on the link above. Your information will be entered in a secure  portal.
  • There is a non-refundable $300 Deposit for students applying to any of the Programs.  Once your application is received and processed, our office will send you options for paying this fee, and information on submitting required documentation. This deposit is deducted from the price of your initial seminar and is not a separate fee.
  • Our class sizes are limited, so that we can provide quality experiential instruction. If a Program is full, you will be placed on the waiting list and notified if an opening occurs.
  • Once the Program Application has been submitted, the student may Register for the initial Seminar of that Program.

Apply Now:  MQT or MQM