Transferring in from the ICMQ in Palm Desert

Students who trained with Dr. Shannon through the ICMQ in Palm Desert must formally transfer into the ICMQ in Tennessee.

Students wishing to transfer into the ICMQ program must submit a Petition to Transfer.

If your training was within the last 5 years and was with Bernard Shannon, you will not have to take an Entrance Exam or be evaluated prior to being admitted. You will have to formally Petition to Transfer and submit the same kind of required documentation as a new student. This includes submitting proof of high school equivalency, or college/university credit as outlined below. 

If your training was not with Dr. Shannon, or was not within the last 5 years, please see Transferring from other schools.

Transfer Process

ICMQ Petition to Transfer

  • Submit your Petition to Transfer online by clicking on the link above.
  • There is a non-refundable $125 Application Fee for students applying or transferring to any of the Programs.  Once your Petition is received and processed, our office will send you options for paying this fee.
  • All students are required to submit evidence of high school diploma, high school diploma equivalency, or postsecondary credit in a degree program (College or University credit at a degree granting institution).
    • Official transcripts must be sent from the institution attended and delivered directly to the ICMQ. We cannot accept copies.
    • Electronic submission via email of the transcript is preferred.  If they must postal mail the transcript, you must notify our office in advance.
  • International students submitting transcripts in languages other than English may need to have their transcripts translated by a transcript translation service to show that the education they obtained is equivalent to a US high school diploma.
  • Additional documentation may be required.
  • Final action on admission is not possible until all credentials are on file at the ICMQ.

ICMQ Petition to Transfer