The Cost of our Programs

Each Program consists of five Seminars.  Each foundational Seminar costs $1775

Tuition Costs below calculated assuming completion of 5 Seminars: P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. 

Full price tuition
5 Seminars at $1775 each = $8875

We offer several discounts to help students with the cost of the Programs. 

Full Year Discount
Students who pay for the full year’s worth of seminars for any Program receive 10% off Tuition costs for that year. This decision can be made at the end of the P1 Seminar (or the initial Program Seminar) and payment must be received before the subsequent Seminar.

Early Application Discount
Early Application Discount is not offered every year. It is for students who apply online and pay the Application Fee before October 31st .
It only applies to MQP Seminars taking the initial year of training.

Early Application Discount and Pay for Full Year
Students can take advantage of both discounts by applying early and paying in full after P1.
10% will be taken off the cost of the Early Application Discount price

Payment Plans are Available

The Table below shows the various Tuition Plans and the effect of the discounts on the Tuition Costs

Plan  Tuition Costs for Program
 Tuition full price for year $8875
 Full Year Discount  $7987
 Early Application Discount  $7200
 Early Application Discount and Full Year Discount