Once you have completed the P2 course, you should begin practicing with clients/volunteers and gaining practical experience.  Each certificate program requires Practicum hours as part of your Additional Requirements.  You will be required to turn in documentation of some of these hours, including the Practicum Log used to track the hours.

If you have any questions about this process, please ask your Teaching Assistants.


Practicum Log Used to log Practice Hours done as part of the additional requirements for each Program. Students must provide copies of the completed logs as part of their Additional requirements for each program.
Informed Consent Template We recommend all clients sign an informed consent prior to receiving a session. This “Informed Consent” template  meets the requirements for practitioners of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in California as set forth in California Senate Bill 577. For practitioners in other states or countries, you will need to follow the regulations in your jurisdiction.
Client Initial Intake Form We recommend you tailor an intake form to suit your needs, and how you function as a practitioner.  This is just a sample form to get you started. 
Client Intake Form 2 This is another intake extensive form donated by a previous student.  It is set up to arrange symptoms by organ system as a way to help you start to understand Chinese Medical Patterns.
Progress Note We recommend you tailor a client progress note to suit your needs.  This is just a sample form to get you started.

For information about how many Practicum hours are required for your Program, or details on Practicum hours, please see the Program Requirements section for your program.